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Welcome to the documentation for our Avionics computer!

  • Devices

    Reads from (as in the case of a keyboard or joystick) and write to (as in the case of a sound adapter) external peripherals. The device can write to the bus. The device pointer can be used by a module to read or write values to the device.

    • Devices::Xplane UDP support (early phases) for testing the avionics computer before our own visuals are ready but also as an added bonus for anyone with DIY cockpits. As we can digest different data groups (angular rotation and linear acceleration, indicated speeds, attitude information, etc) I will add them below!
    • Devices::Apcupsd (APC UPS SC1500, no temperature probe!)
    • Devices::InterfaceKit (8/8/8)
      • Sensors
        • Avionics Bay Temperature
        • 5V TRU Ammeter
        • 12V TRU Ammeter
        • 24V TRU Ammeter
      • Digital Inputs
        • Pneumatic System Low Pressure
        • Emergency Stop Switch
        • Battery Master Switch
        • Door Toggle Request
      • Digital Outputs
        • Open Door Solenoid (Fotek)
        • Close Door Solenoid (Fotek)
        • Motion System Power (Fotek)
        • Display Monitors Power
        • Display Computer Power
        • Push To Talk Pilot
        • Push To Talk Gunner
        • Intercom System Power
        • Avionics Cooling Fan
        • Floor Lighting
        • Motion Platform Caution Lights
    • Devices::Analog
      • Motion Platform Proportional Pressure Regulator 1
      • Motion Platform Proportional Pressure Regulator 2
      • Motion Platform Proportional Pressure Regulator 3
      • Motion Platform Proportional Pressure Regulator 4
    • Devices::Spatial (To demonstrate ASTM compliance)
    • Devices::Encoder
      • Pilot PFD
      • Pilot MFD
      • Gunner MFD
    • Devices::Bass
      • Vmu (Mono) in headsets (and speaker?)
      • Engines (Stereo)?
    • Devices::TeamSpeak VoIP (Mono and Mic)
    • Devices::Webcam captures CVVR (Video, Intercom)
    • Captured file gets pushed to Devices::YouTube
  • Module

    These are the black boxes (as in FCS, FADEC) which read/write bus/component values and can write directly to devices (in the case of VMU with the sound adapter).

    • Fcs (Flight Control System)
      • Reads from one or more configured Joystick devices
      • Aggregates control input
    • Vmu (Voice Messaging Unit)
      • Marshalls voice messages by priority to the associated BASS device
    • Fadec (Full Authority Digital Electronic Control)
      • Handles start and stop of engines, takes desired TLA (Thrust Lever Angle) and adjusts the fuel flow to keep the engine operating within established safe parameters
  • Client Application
    • Input
      • Devices::Keyboard (Exterior Numeric Keypad, Bluetooth Combination Keyboard and Mouse)
      • Devices::Joystick for Fcs (Flight Controls, includes side sticks (2) and rudders (2))
      • Push Buttons (16?) (InterfaceKit 0/16/16)
      • ADC Input for Modules::AFCS? (InterfaceKit 8/8/8)
    • Output
      • Indicator Lights (16?) (InterfaceKit 0/16/16)
        • We could also replace all those with LED's and use Phidget64 LED's
    • Devices::RakNet WAN Server Connection
    • Devices::RakNet LAN Display Computer (ADC)
    • Viewport Renderer
      • Pilot Displays
        • HUD (USB) Screen
        • Large Far Left (Main Adapter RGB) Screen
        • Small Left (USB Adapter) Screen
        • Small Right (USB Adapter) Screen
      • Gunner Display
    • Propulsion

      We control the thrust outputs which get fed to the Display?

    • Damage Control

      We have to take collision detection data from Display?